Bespoke Generational Solutions

Safeguarding Our Clients’ Legacy

At Oxford, we believe that a well-organized wealth strategy preserves your personal objectives and family’s legacy goals. That is why we created Bespoke Generational Solutions, a highly customized multi-generational approach to wealth management. It draws on extensive client consultation and analysis to design a framework that reflects your family’s evolving needs.

While many firms utilize an in-house team of planners and strategists, they often work in separate silos to deliver financial modeling, estate planning, philanthropic consulting and investment advice.

Conversely, Oxford engages a dedicated team of subject matter experts including attorneys, CPAs and CFP® professionals and our Family Office Fellows, to work in tandem with our Managing Directors, Client Relationship Managers and the Oxford Investment Fellows. This highly integrated and customized approach applies expert guidance around all key elements of your wealth. What’s more, your family’s values are at the core of our planning, so we ensure your wealth is transferred efficiently and effectively from one generation to the next or to those charitable organizations that align with your philanthropic vision.

The issues faced by multi-generational families are varied and complex. Our highly personalized approach draws on nearly 40 years of experience working with affluent families in collaboration with highly regarded estate and tax counsel. Your Oxford team has the experience, relationships and connections to tailor multi-generational, dynastic solutions through flexible, jurisdictional trust planning. Bespoke Generational Solutions is designed to help you maximize the impact of your remaining gift exemptions while establishing mechanisms to protect your family now and in the future, all in a thoughtful manner that best fulfills your legacy goals. Your Oxford team is with you every step of the way.

Through the Bespoke Generational Solutions approach, we are able to thoroughly address all key elements of your wealth, including:

  • Wealth creation
  • Lifestyle objectives
  • Asset protection
  • Income and estate tax minimization
  • Multi-generational legacy and philanthropic planning

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to apply proactive, forward-thinking planning on behalf of every client. Each recommendation is assessed in light of the family’s goals and the potential tax implications. Using the appropriate planning vehicle in line with the correct investment strategy helps us maximize the outcome for the family while mitigating tax exposure. Bespoke Generational Solutions is a process that merges thoughtful financial and estate planning design with experienced portfolio management to produce comprehensive, highly targeted solutions.

Collaboration is at the foundation of Bespoke Generational Solutions and Oxford’s Multi-Generational Investment Strategy. Leveraging the diverse insights of our Oxford team, we work to grow and manage our clients’ family legacy with innovative ideas and dynamic planning solutions.

"Things are not always right because they are hard, but if they are right one must not mind if they are also hard."
~Winston Churchill

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