"The farther back you can look, the farther forward you can see."
~ Winston Churchill ~

Sue McMillen

Chief Talent Officer

At Oxford, we’ve spent nearly four decades upholding our clients’ long-term wealth objectives. Our succession plan ensures that future generations of families and institutions will continue to receive this same objective advice and counsel.

Oxford’s voting shares are held in a Delaware Dynasty Trust designed to last in perpetuity. Therefore, our clients, partners and associates can rest assured that we’ll be here to uphold their legacy. Oxford’s Shareholders are comprised of 25 individuals committed to the betterment of the firm—Senior Leadership, Managing Directors, Oxford Investment Fellows and Family Office Fellows. We regularly onboard new Shareholders—it’s a cycle that is replicated year after year. It’s all about looking ahead, to bring new, promising talent into the pipeline while nurturing the next generation of Oxford Leadership.

Over the last decade we have put significant focus on hiring and retaining top talent. This is a high priority for Oxford. We engage in nationwide searches to recruit the best talent in the industry for Managing Directors, Family Office Fellows, Oxford Investment Fellows and Senior Leadership positions within the firm.

Oxford’s top ranking in the industry provides us with access to a rich pool of talent. In addition, our multiple locations allow us to hire the best associates, without being limited by geography.

For all positions, we identify highly motivated individuals who seek professional growth, personal fulfillment and a passion for serving our clients. Oxford has a rigorous selection process to identify the best talent, including a technical skills assessment, demonstration of presentation skills, team interviews and behavioral assessments.

Our size and scope provides us the opportunity to employ some of the best professionals in the industry. Hiring the best and brightest people provides us with the intellectual capital needed to provide innovative solutions to our client’s ever changing needs.

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