"I never worry about action, but only inaction."
~ Winston Churchill ~

J.P. Simmons

Chief Practice Development Officer

Oxford has always prided itself on the enormous value and depth of resources we provide our clients. The pandemic was a true testing ground for us, as it was for so many of you. Although no one wishes for a crisis, one benefit is that it reveals one’s true character.

We are blessed to say that each and every associate stepped up and showed their commitment, strength and tenacity during this difficult test. Despite the anxieties we all experienced about our health, the health of our friends and family, social isolation and the financial markets, we stayed focused, stayed present and embraced a mindset that allowed us to listen and respond to client needs to produce better outcomes. We continued, and in many cases escalated, our usual communication with clients. And for our clients that articulated their concerns to us, we helped them put the facts in perspective and view events with a long-term lens.

Anticipating dark days ahead of WWII, the famous British slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” is in many ways still relevant today. During this time more than ever, our clients have recognized the need for meaningful guidance and we are committed to keeping our communication and advice in front of them. As the year unfolded, Oxford quickly leveraged technology and virtual outreach in lieu of face-to-face communication and only began offering in-person meetings, with extreme safety in mind, once it was deemed appropriate by local and state public health officials. We doubled down on our efforts to enhance communication and share our insights on the market during the height of the pandemic. Even though news and information can be fluid, we know that communicating what we are thinking and what is still uncertain is essential to keeping you informed.

Thank you for staying connected and standing together with us during all the challenges of 2020. Oxford is stronger than ever thanks to our clients, advisors and friends who partner with us and stay the course, no matter what comes.

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